The First level

The first level consists of a verb lemma which is connected with four sections: a grammatical block, the prototypical semantic class of the verb, idioms and collocations, and notes. The lemma is a bare infinitive form of the verb, except for inherent reflexive verbs, which are entered with the reflexive particle se ‘self’ (Oraić, I. 2009: Kako razvrstati glagole se elementom se u valenecijskome rječniku hrvatskih glagola?, Rasprave Instituta za hrvatski jezik i jezikoslovlje 34/1). The grammatical block encompasses an aspect label (perfective, imperfective and biaspectual) and verb inflections (first person singular present, third person plural present, masculine perfect participle, feminine perfect participle, and masculine passive participle). The aspectual label is written next to the lemma whereas verb inflections are placed below the lemma following the semantic class of the verb (e.g. psychological verbs). The idiom and collocation block is placed separately under the name Čvrste sveze. It consists of a collocation or an idiom (e.g. mrziti iz dna duše, ‘to hate from the depths of one’s soul’), its definition (jako mrziti koga ili što ‘to strongly hate someone or something’), and a usage example (Ako idete na posao, mrzit ćete budilicu iz dna duše. ‘If you go to work, you will hate your alarm clock from the depths of your soul.’). The note block, which comes last, contains information that applies to the verb overall, not to one of its meanings or a separate valency pattern (for example, the remark that a specific verb is non-standard or is used only in a specific style).