The Second level

The second level consists of different meanings of verbs, which are introduced by numbered sublemmas (e.g. 1 patiti, 2 patiti, … ‘suffer’). Each sublemma (1 patiti) has its own definition unit consisting of one or two paraphrases (podnositi tjelesnu i/ili psihičku bol ‘tolerate physical and/or psychical pain’; osjećati se iznimno neugodno ili loše ‘feel extremely unpleasant or bad) or one or more synonyms (trpjeti) and a stylistic label. The stylistic label (e.g. historical, poetic) precedes the definition. Each sublemma is also connected with a reflexive label, a possibility of changing a verb’s semantic class, and additional information. The reflexive value mostly serves to mark the reflexivity of reflexive verbs which are not inherently reflexive. All reflexive verbs that are not inherently reflexive are treated as sublemmas, i.e. as one of the meanings of the verb. Therefore it is useful to have the reflexive label at the level of sublemma.