What is e-Glava?

e-Glava is an online valency dictionary of Croatian verbs, developed within the project Valency Database of Croatian verbs at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. e-Glava is corpus-based, i.e. all complements are extracted and defined on the basis of corpora examples (Croatian Language Corpus, Croatian web corpus – hrWaC, Croatian National Corpus).

e-Glava is going to contain valency descriptions of 900 Croatian verbs, which are fundamental for basic communication in the Croatian language. The main goal of the dictionary is to provide to linguists, teachers, students of Croatian language, and other users:

  1. An online search of syntactic complements. Which verbs require both nominative and dative complement? E.g. dosaditi ‘bore’, čuditi ‘wonder’.
  2. An online search of morphological realizations of syntactic complements. Which verbs have the prepositional complement with preposition na ‘on’? → misliti ‘think’.
  3. An online search of the complements of particular verb semantic class. E.g. Which complements occur frequently with the psychological verbs?
  4. Comparisons of verbs complement structures. Which complements the verb osjećati ‘feel’ and which complements the verb osjećati se ‘feel-refl.’ require?
  • osjećati: NomC AccC; NomC AccC (AdvC); NomC AccC PrepC; NomC SentC; NomC, AccC PredC
  • osjećati se: NomC PredC; NomC AdvC